The New View over Atlantis

The New View over Atlantis

Book Title: The New View over Atlantis

Author: John Michell

Format: Paperback | 224 pages

Publication Date: 01 May 2001

ISBN-13: 9780500273128

Across much of the earth's surface are ancient earthworks and stone monuments built for an unknown purpose. Their shared features suggest that they were originally part of a world wide system; and John Michell argues that they served the elemental science of the archaic civilization which Plato referred to as Atlantis.

Michell reveals that the various stone monuments and earthworks found about the globe - from the Pyramids to Stonehenge to Teotihuacan - are not randomly strewn, but are a well-executed system of psychic centres connected worldwide and used by the people of Atlantis. Michell also demonstrates the significant modern discovery of `leys', a mysterious network of straight lines that links the ancient places around the world.

Clues to the nature of prehistoric science, drawn from archaeology, astronomy, geology and other studies, confirm that traditional sacred places were centres of natural magic, used by Druids and other ancient seers. Current research points to the rediscovery of a principle in nature which could revolutionize our understanding - and our treatment - of our planet.