Dialogues II

Dialogues II

Book Title: Dialogues II

Author: Gilles Deleuze

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 30 May 2006

ISBN-13: 9780826490773

Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII. He is a key figure in post-structuralism, and one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. In "Dialogues II" Deleuze examines his philosophical pluralism in a series of discussions with Claire Parnet. Conversational in tone, this is the most personable and accessible of all Deleuze's writings, in which he describes his own philosophical background, relationships and development, and some of the central themes of his work. This second edition includes a new essay, 'The Actual and the Virtual'.