Camaro Muscle Portfolio, 1967-73

Camaro Muscle Portfolio, 1967-73

Book Title: Camaro Muscle Portfolio, 1967-73

Author: Keith Cornett

Format: Paperback | 140 pages

Publication Date: 19 Oct 1992

ISBN-13: 9781855201453

Like the Mustang the Camaro was introduced with a huge range of options enabling buyers to suit their personal preferences. The Camaro quickly established itself as one of the great muscle cars. At this time there was no substitute for cubic inches and after-market performance boosts. As happened to so many cars of this type the fuel crisis of the 1970s brought an end to a golden age. This book is a compilation of contemporary road and comparison tests, model introductions, suspension modifications, special versions, buying used, technical and specification data. Models covered include: 427, Dana 427, SS350, Nickey 427, Z28, SS396, Z29, ZL1, Penske Camaro, Yenko Super Z, Turbo Six.